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Polymer Clay Cutter | Cactus

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★ The cutters are designed to work with polymer clay. They are printed on a 3D printer and it is natural to see slight imperfections/variations and seams in 3D printed pieces. However, we work very hard in making the cutters and offer a clan cut. Please note that filament color may be different from photos.

★ We work with different sizes. The size is based on the longest side of the cutter. The blade is 8mm depth and .9mm thick. the handle is 3.5mm height and 4mm width. 



★ Each piece is made of high-quality eco-friendly PLA plastic.



★ Using firm and even pressure, press down on the cutter on conditioned clay, wiggle it, and gently lift up. If use correctly, the cutters can last years. 

★ Sometimes clay can be sticky to avoid clay getting stuck in the cutter use a piece of cling wrap or lightly dust the cutter on cornstarch and make the perfect cut. 



★ Hand-wash with soap and water. Store in a cool dry place. Please do not bake, wash on dishwasher or expose to high heat or direct sunlight . 



★ Make to order but all orders will be shipped out within 1 - 3 business days after the order has been received.

★ The pieces are nicely packaged in small sturdy boxes or poly bubble mailers depending on the order.


★ Please send an email if you are not 100% happy with the product!

★ As always please reach out with any questions or custom requests you may have.


★ Regularly, we have promotions happening so please do not forget to follow @RETROCUTTERS AND @AZUCENABRANDS. Stay updated about new items and sales.




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